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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 10 Strategies for your Shopify Store

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: 10 Strategies for your Shopify Store

When the holiday season comes around, e-commerce companies must get ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM), two of the biggest shopping days of the year. This year, we except Black Friday on November 24th, while Cyber Monday is on November 27th. We are aware of the significance of seizing this chance so we'll go into more detail about our e-commerce strategy in this in-depth guide to assist you succeed throughout the BFCM week.


Increase AOV using Attractive Bundles

Offering attractive packages is one of the most effective ways to raise your Average Order Value (AOV). To develop convicing package deals, combine your top-selling products with any that may be underperforming in terms of sales. The key is simplicity, so choose memorable sales like "9 for $99." This simplifies the decision-making process and encourages customers to make larger purchases.


Create Expectations

Let your customers know that the BFCM deals are the best available all year. This is essential since some customers wait for these huge reductions. Use short, maximum six-character coupon codes rather than modifying price tags.

Start your promotions a week in advance for smaller brands and ten days in advance for larger brands. Organize your sales by category, saving the biggest savings for Black Friday. Treat your top 15% most devoted clients like VIPs by providing them with exclusive coupon codes a few days before the sale.

  • For example, if you sell bedding products instead of using 56KLMN as a coupon, use VIP25 to let your most loyal clients know they have a special discount just for them! On the BFCM week, you could start your promotions this way:
    • Monday: 40% on quilts and blankets.
    • Tuesday: 40% on pillowcases.
    • Wednesday: 40% on linen and hemp sheets.
    • Thursday: 40% on duvet covers.
    • Friday: 40% ALL PRODUCTS!

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Enhance Email Marketing

Your email campaigns become extremely valuable on Black Friday. Make a series of emails starting at 12 to 1 in the morning, followed by one at 8 to 9 in the morning, one at 2 to 3 in the afternoon, and one with a "last chance" at 10 in the evening. For better user experience, make sure the reductions are applied automatically. Don't hold back; email marketing can greatly increase revenue during this time!

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Tiered Promotions

A Deeper Dive Tiered promotions have the potential to completely alter the course of your BFCM campaign. The idea is straightforward: start with pricing that is only marginally higher than your Average Order Value (AOV). Offer progressively larger discounts as clients move up the levels to incentivize them to spend more money on superior offers.

  • Knowledge of Tiered Discounts Customers receive varying amounts of discounts from tier discounts depending on how much they spend. For instance, a customer might get a 10% discount for making a $50 purchase, a 20% discount for making a $100 purchase, and a 30% discount for making a $150 purchase. This tactic rewards clients' loyalty in addition to encouraging them to spend more to receive greater discounts.
  • Reliable Tiered Discount Schemes Think about your target market and the things you sell when establishing tiered discounts.Start with three levels, then change as necessary. Here's an illustration:
    • 10% off for orders over $50 in the first tier.
    • 20% off for orders over $100 in the second tier.
    • 30% off for orders over $150 in the third tier.

Remember to make sure that your clients are aware of these tiers through email campaigns, website banners, and social media posts.


Use Bundles in Creative Ways

Make your bundles interesting and focused on the customer. Make bundle names that are appealing to your target market. For example, if the majority of your BFCM consumers are from New York City, think about "NYC Apartment" for home appliances. As an alternative, emphasize the advantages of the bundle by calling it a "Anti-aging Bundle" as opposed to a general "Skincare Bundle." Your bundles can stand out and satisfy particular client needs with creative naming.


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Use Specialized Landing Pages

Consider creating specialized landing pages to advertise your BFCM promotions rather than making structural changes to your primary online business. Create sub-domains if you can for these pages. What's on offer? and other important questions for prospective clients should be answered on each landing page. Why should I buy it? Why should I choose this brand? How soon can I expect to get it? To turn visitors into purchasers, information must be clear and easy to understand.


Optimize the Entire Website

Get ready for the BFCM rush over your entire website! Implement cross-sell and upsell tools, display trust indications, and make sure your site is responsive, remember most of your visitors will be using smartphones. To keep clients, a seamless and user-friendly experience is a must.

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Captions and Pop-ups that Engage

Make sure the message and advantages of the promotion are reflected in your email pop-ups and captions. To engage consumers and persuade them to click on your Calls to Action, be creative and even gamify the experience.


Boost Your Social Media

During BFCM week, triple the amount of social media material you produce. Ask yourself, "What would they want to see?" while picturing your typical consumer who makes up around 65% of your audience. Make sure your material is relevant to their demands and create buzz about your BFCM deals.


Bonus Tip: Recognize the Influence of Gift Cards

Be mindful of the importance of gift cards during BFCM. They make excellent last-minute presents, and many customers value the flexibility they provide. Promote your gift cards as the perfect option for customers who might be hesitant to make certain purchases. In your marketing efforts, emphasize their practicality and wide appeal.



A well-designed BFCM strategy has the potential to completely transform e-commerce companies. You're ready to maximize sales and take advantage of the fantastic opportunities Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring with these e-commerce tips. Create a memorable shopping experience for your customers by starting your planning early and remaining creative. With Getmore on your side, success throughout the holidays season is very much within your possibilites!


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