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Why is It Important to Optimize Your Online Store?

Why is It Important to Optimize Your Online Store?

To succeed in your online store you need not only a good product, a competitive price and a website programmed to generate sales, but you need to do a continuous effort to close sales and make your customer community ever bigger and feel really identified with the brand.

In this post we mention the importance and benefits you can have by optimizing your website and some recommendations:
  1. Website Optimization
  2. Benefits of optimizing your website
  3. Recommendations
    • Recommended products
    • Product Page
    • Cart Page

1. Website Optimization

What does it really mean to optimize your website?

It consists of implementing improvements to your e-commerce so that visitors in your online store can shop and become customers easier and faster. 71% of buyers believe they have better customer support when shopping online. Therefore, the design, navigation, content and product descriptions must be intentionally perfect for your consumer to generate more sales on your website.

Design and communication are key points for your online store. With these two factors you should manage to generate engagement and trust with your potential customers. Finally, the goal of creating your e-commerce is to make the shopping flow easier.

If you want to learn more about the ideal structure and architecture of online stores, read our article 7 key elements that your online store should have, click here.

2. Benefits of optimizing your website

Most people do research before buying a product. The more expensive the product is, the more price comparison and research they do.

  • 66% of buyers do a search for products under $60 USD.
  • 89% of buyers search for items costing more than $150 USD.

With these data we can see the importance of creating a store with a clear and reliable communication to get your customer to make the purchase decision at the moment and not have to think too much about it. Showing detailed descriptions and relevant information will help you gain the trust of your customers and increase your sales in the online store.

Optimize your store to improve user experience and have higher sales.

By optimizing your website you can change and improve your customers’ user experience and at the same time increase the conversion percentage, which is ultimately the goal of everyone who has an e-commerce. So, analyze, experiment and test to create better browsing in your online store.

3. Recommendations

a. Recommended products

Online shop visitors to whom a recommended product “appears” are 4.5 times more likely to add it to their shopping cart and complete their order.

31% of sales in online stores are driven by recommended products.

Of the Recommended Products, we can learn from our e-commerce master, Amazon. This retailer creates a series of “previously viewed” or “recommended” products to generate a need for more products related to what you are looking at, in that moment. Show more products to your customers that are similar or complementary to their search to increase their final order.

On the other hand, online quizzes are an excellent strategy to recommend products, and at the same time give you valuable information that you can turn into leads and potential customers. To implement a good quizz on your website we recommend the page "Interact", when adding this dynamic in your online store. Do not forget to add a Call to Action to buy the suggested product at the end of the quizz.

See the following illustration of our client's Tree To Tub Quiz:

b. Product Page

The user experience and rising conversion rate both depend on product segmentation. If your customer's navigation is easy to use and understand, they will feel more comfortable. You may organize your e-commerce more effectively with the help of the product categories and filters. A well-structured website is very different from one that is disorganized, don't you agree?

On the other hand, future customers highly value your customers' product reviews. 97% of users claim that online customer reviews affect their purchasing decisions. These ratings help your online store be more reliable. We suggest the Yotpo app for customers to add reviews and ratings to your online store; click here to learn more.

In addition, product labels are another elements you may use when optimizing your online store. Use them to draw attention to particular products like: the most popular product or the newest product, in order to boost online sales from customers who have only made one purchase from you or who are already browsing your product page.

c. Cart Page

7 out of every 10 shopping carts are left abandoned. The experience on the
checkout page can be improved to help you lower this number. Some tips for improving the buying process for your clients are on the checkout page:

  • Show your client what they need, for example:
    • The items they plan to purchase.
    • The cost and quantity per article.
    • A clear call to action that outlines the steps left to complete your purchase.
    • The total cost of their order.
    • Options for payment: payment icons are quite helpful.
    • Information on customer support, returns, and terms and conditions.

Remember that we are constantly learning. Visualize and analyze your customers' behavior as they are browsing your website so that you may improve it with clear objectives. Good shopping experiences will encourage them to return frequently!


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