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7 Key Elements Your E-Commerce Should Have

7 Key Elements Your E-Commerce Should Have

These days, having an online store is essential for your company. It is, however, true that learning about e-commerce requires experience, learning, and testing. You could differentiate yourself from your competition by optimizing your online store and making it simple for customers to browse and find what they're looking for.

We recommend including these 7 essential elements in your online store to improve it and make it appealing to potential clients in order to make your e-commerce run as smoothly as possible.

7 essential components of your online store:

  1. Homepage.
  2. Usability, navigation, and search.
  3. Call to Action.
  4. Collections and products.
  5. Images and descriptions.
  6. Cart and purchasing processes.
  7. Customer Support.

1. Homepage

The appearance and communication of your online store with your audience should be clear and direct. In less than 5 seconds, the user should understand what you are selling, and its benefits and must fall in love through the photos of your product in order to catch their attention. By attracting their attention, you will get your customer to visit your entire online store, need your products and eventually, end up shopping in your online store.

2. Usability, navigation, and search

Make user experience enjoyable! It becomes better as it becomes easier. Keep in mind that our goal is to make your consumers' experience at your online business fun and simple. Therefore, make sure your e-commerce is clear and intuitive. Integrating filters and advanced searches is a great alternative for helping users locate options quickly by simply typing the product's keywords. We suggest that you easily display the search engine to your customers, and if the search returns no results, it is better to display suggestions.

3. Call to Action

Telling your clients what you want them to do when browsing your online store is important. Visible and clear buttons. Preferably larger and/or brighter color than the other elements. By making them certain where to click, you might relieve their stress in this manner. Don't forget to simplify things for your customers.

4. Collection and products

Without a doubt, your product or catalog should be the first thing a customer sees when entering your online store; it acts as an introduction and an invitation to continue browsing your e-commerce.

If we organize your product catalog by categories, it will be more complete. Especially if your online business sells different products. You will be able to highlight the featured products and make it easier for your consumers to find what they are looking for.

5. Images and descriptions

Having similar images of your products, all of the same size and style is a good strategy to win the trust for your online business. The product page, on the other hand, should have structured and specific information, including photographs, the name of the product, its price, a brief description, variants for size and/or color, scarcity, trust signifiers, and a call to action. You can make your online store look really professional!

6. Cart and purchasing processes

The payment alternatives customers have when making a purchase should be mentioned across your entire online store. This factor is linked to the trust, that customers can choose the payment method they prefer. It is important to mention that the more payment methods you incorporate into your online store, the more chances you have to increase your conversions.

On the other hand, as it makes it simpler for customers to control their purchases, we suggest the shopping cart be "dynamic". In other words, you can add, remove, or change any chosen product without having to switch to a different page for it. Instead, the shopping cart appears on the page where your customer is at the moment. It is important to have a shopping cart in sight and accessible to handle at any time.

7. Customer Support

If a customer has any issues or questions about your product, we recommend always leaving a line of communication open. There are many options to offer pre or post-purchase assistance, including WhatsApp Business, support via email, and online chat. Choose the one that would work best for your online store. It is important to always be kind, and solve doubts and problems as soon as possible to keep your customers happy.

An e-commerce site should not only be nice and pleasant to the eye but also a good shopping experience. The development of an online store should be easy to browse, along with a seamless payment process on any device. This way, you can manage to retain your customers while also gaining new ones.


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