Getmore is a Shopify Plus partner that designs, develops and helps grow online stores on Shopify


From new stores and redesigns to Custom Themes and Premium Theme Setup, explore how our services can help improve your success in the E-Commerce world.

Transforming your e-commerce vision into reality is what we do best at Getmore. Specializing in Shopify and Shopify Plus, we combine our experience, expertise, and strategy to create a custom solution that's more than just an online store.


Design and Development

We create unique designs to help brands stand out in the crowded online world. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we personalize our strategy to the stage and needs of your business. Our expertise ranges from setting up premium themes to creating fully customized online stores on Shopify.

New Stores & Redesigns:

As Shopify Experts and Shopify Partners, we take a deep dive into your business. By analyzing every aspect, including branding, customer behaviors, competitors, mission, and value proposition, we create an online store that fully aligns with your vision.

Custom Themes Development:

If you're looking to scale your business, a Custom Theme could be just what you need. As a trusted Shopify Plus Partner, we design and develop custom themes tailored to your specific needs. Our advanced features are designed to contribute to your online success.

Prebuilt Theme Setup:

For those looking to establish their online presence without the need for an advanced solution, we offer setup and customization of Premium Themes from the Shopify theme store. We improve them to make them stand out and differentiate them from the rest.


Ongoing Optimization

The e-commerce industry is rapidly evolving, so being static is no longer an option. That's why we offer ongoing optimization for Shopify stores, working closely as an extension of your team to continuously improve the customer experience.

Constant Improvements:

Through regular monitoring and a strong feedback loop, we make incremental enhancements to your Shopify store. This allows us to drive conversions and stay aligned with the latest e-commerce trends.

Conversion Optimization:

Implementing strategies that increase conversion rates on your Shopify store. From optimizing product pages to enhancing the buyer journey, our methods are designed to lead to more sales and more satisfied customers.

Advanced Features & Special Customizations:

Each Shopify store is unique, and we recognize that. We build personalized features and integrate Shopify apps specifically chosen to improve the user experience for your clients.

Personalized Support & Performance Analysis:

Our commitment goes beyond design and development. We are always ready to help, come up with new ideas, and analyze as part of your team.


Migration to Shopify

Considering migrating from Magento, Woo-commerce, or Vtex to Shopify or Shopify Plus? At Getmore, we simplify and make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

Strategic Planning:

We carefully evaluate your existing platform, planning a seamless move to Shopify. Our experience with successful migrations from Magento, Woo-commerce, and Vtex guides our approach.

Data Migration:

In partnership with industry leaders, we handle the transfer of essential information, including products, customers, and orders, ensuring a flawless transition to Shopify.

SEO Preservation:

By working closely with SEO experts, we maintain your search engine rankings during the replatforming process, preserving your online store's visibility and traffic.

Consulting and Support:

Beyond migration, we guide your team through Shopify's features, offering tailored consulting to ensure a better understanding and maximize the platform's potential for your unique business needs.


Additional Services & Features

Email Automation with Klaviyo:

We handle the setup of the most relevant flows, including the design and implementation of all emails, to streamline your email automation strategy and improve customer engagement.


Our setup includes at least the five fundamental flows:


  1. Welcome Series: The best performing first email and an absolute must.
  2. Product (or Browse) Abandonment: The most overlooked of all the flows, and one that performs very well.
  3. New and Repeat Customer Thank You: A great flow to increase the Customer Lifetime Value.
  4. Cart Abandonment: The most timely, personalized, relevant flow that exists. Klaviyo refers to their “checkout abandonment” flow as “cart abandonment”.
  5. Checkout Abandonment: The second best performing flow of all, highly effective with little need for customization.

    Apps Setup and Integration:

    We work with the main Shopify apps from the app store, such as Rebuy, Recharge, AI Search and Filter, Wholesale Club, and more, to provide a personalized and efficient experience that optimizes the overall efficiency of your online store.

    Shopify Audit:

    Is your online store not performing well, and you don’t know why? We created our Shopify Audit to help brands solve that. Our comprehensive audit service analyzes three critical aspects of your store to fuel your growth.

    1. Key Metrics:

    By analyzing and evaluating critical performance indicators, we identify areas to improve the three key metrics: Conversion Rate, Average Order Value, and Number of Sessions. Did you know that by improving each by only 26%, you could double your sales?

    2. UX & UI Analysis:

    We assess the user experience and interface design, highlighting areas for improvement to increase customer satisfaction. We provide detailed recommendations for the main pages of your store: Homepage, Collection Page, Product Page, and Cart Page.

    3. Tech Performance:

    Our technical analysis includes a review of all your apps to ensure they are up-to-date and being used effectively. We also check for resource consumption and potential performance issues, ensuring that your Shopify store is optimized for success.


    Why Choose Getmore as your Shopify Expert and Shopify Plus Partner?

    Focused Expertise (just one thing):

    We specialize in Shopify and Shopify Plus store design and development. We keep our services focused on what we do best and stay away from other platforms and marketing services.

    Proven Methodology:

    Our detailed 5-step process ensures that every Shopify store project is completed to perfection, aligning with the latest industry standards and best practices.

    Global Ambition as a Shopify Plus Agency:

    We're striving to establish Getmore as the premier Shopify Plus agency worldwide, offering expert services across diverse markets.

    Custom Solutions:

    We provide end-to-end services tailored to transform your e-commerce vision into reality with a Shopify store that stands out.

    Client Success Focus:

    Your success is our mission, and we go the extra mile to help your Shopify store grow.