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Origo Shoes

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Footwear for a healthier feet and a happier planet.




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Origo Shoes is a new brand that was looking for a technological partner for its go-to market and we clicked from the beginning. 



"Getmore is just an expert at what they do.  Their knowledge on the development of e-commerce shops is updated, timely and on-point.  Getmore's team has clear roles, and each expert adds significant value to the project.  Their project management is seamless; it is so easy to work with them.  For Origo Shoes, Getmore has been crucial in accelerating the learning curve in this new e-commerce world for us.  Our website is easy to use both for the administrator and the customer; we always get compliments from our vendors and partners.  ¡Kuddos to Getmore!"


- Cristina, Origo Shoes.